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Steve, Paul and Barb take all of your real estate and mortgage questions!!

A new survey conducted by Manulife Bank suggests that nearly 40% of Canadians have struggled to cover their household expenses at least once in the past year.

With today's record low rates, home owners are being tempted into buying a home. How important is it to budget while you're in your 20's?

Are multiple credit card debts keeping you from purchasing the house of your dreams? Here is a great method for helping you get rid of credit card debt!

Steve, Frank and Paul take all of your real estate and mortgage questions.

Frank Napolitano discusses the Ottawa real estate market, the latest mortgage rates and what companies are now reporting information on your credit bureau on this episode of CTV Morning Live: Mortgage Minute.

According to Mortgage Professionals Canada, only 4% of mortgage holders select a hybrid "combination" mortgage. Is this product the right fit for you?

Thinking about buying a new car right before purchasing a home? See why economists are concerned about auto loans and the impact it is having for Canadians across the country.

Lisa fills in for Paul Rushforth. She, along with Steve and Frank, take all of your real estate and mortgages questions.

Steve, Frank and Paul, along with Barb Kramer, take all of your real estate and mortgages questions.

Saving for a down payment is the entrance exam for home ownership. How long will it take you to break into the market? Find out with this new interactive tool.

After years of experts - including the IMF, Bank of Canada, the OECD and Canada's biggest banks warning that Canadian real estate is overvalued and cruising for a bruising, is your city heading for trouble?